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Haunting Dreams
You come,
a visitor in the night.
The feel of your gaze,
your touch,
your breath,
it is all too real.
I remember your whispers
and I hear your laugh;
those words that make me smile
as you hold me gently in your arms.
You and I,
me and you,
we are all that exist,
all that I know,
all that I remember.
When I awake from slumber,
these are but haunted memories.
Moments that court my fears.
Shall you haunt my dreams,
or will you haunt my reality too?
:icontoki88:toki88 2 1
Jumping the Wall :icontoki88:toki88 2 0 Within a Portrait :icontoki88:toki88 2 1 Fragrant Hills Mountains :icontoki88:toki88 2 2 Waterboat :icontoki88:toki88 0 2 Tower of Buddhist Incense :icontoki88:toki88 3 4 Desert View :icontoki88:toki88 1 4 Summer Palace House :icontoki88:toki88 0 4 Bridge :icontoki88:toki88 0 0
ever closer, ever deeper,
ever more.
within touch,
beyond reach,
without words.
but merely fiction.
Struggling to escape
it pours into me
and out of me.
Filling me,
emptying me,
surrounding me,
shadowing me,
draining me.
I cannnot think,
but I can write.
I can feel the words
at my fingertips,
in my head, in my mind, on my lips.
Surge of emotions and thoughts,
aligned but confused,
organized but distraught.
Too much, too little, too late.
:icontoki88:toki88 0 3
With eyes that wander
it searches
it moves
yet it cannot see me
with fingers that search
it reaches out
into the darkness
yet it cannot feel me
with a voice that calls
it softly whispers
it calls out loudly
yet it cannot hear me
I am here
can't you see me
feel me
hear me
here i stand unmoving
lost in the world
as it swallows me
as if i am nothing
it has devoured me
can you see me now
i am one with you
see me
feel me
hear me
i am here
:icontoki88:toki88 0 3
Zhongshan Temple :icontoki88:toki88 1 6 Garden White :icontoki88:toki88 3 1 Lazi Church :icontoki88:toki88 1 1 The Road To :icontoki88:toki88 0 5 Stalking Prey :icontoki88:toki88 2 5

Random Favourites

Time's Confines
Too many times we look to the past only to see the future pass
Night turns to day
And the seasons slip away
Then we wonder why time wouldn't last
When youth was wasted on the youth
And teenage rebels were deemed uncouth
While rock music was the sounds of the devil
And when clothing dictated all the rebels
When renegades were the cause of war
And worldly wounds were open sores
When towers crumbled from the sky
And no bird again would be safe to fly
When empires were ripped apart at the seams
And precious jewelry failed to gleam
When buried treasure was a dead man's will
And by the blade of a warrior did silence instill
But the warriors have been settled into the ground
And the ruins of empires have finally been found
And the tales of dead men have long since faded
And finally there time has been dated
So much for the past because it has come and gone
And each dusk will in turn bring about its dawn
More heroes will pass and empires fall
But somehow our past will always enthrall
Young war
:iconvampireaddict:vampireaddict 3 13
One From Two
I'm waiting for you to arrive;
My passion is starting to revive.
Hypnotized by our front door,
I don't think that I can wait anymore.
Anxiousness is breaking in,
And my patience is wearing a gypsy's grin.
When are you gonna be home?
I am restless here when I'm all alone.
So, the moment you're through that door,
I'm gonna pounce and tackle you to the floor,
And kiss your angel face,
So you know you're home in the perfect place.
And later, somewhere in the hall,
I'm gonna randomly grind you against the wall,
And wrap myself up in you;
Pressing close enough to make one from two.
My heart is beating way too fast.
There's not enough oxygen for me to last.
My sense is seeking just your sound;
I wonder if you can hear my pining heart pound.
Are you coming through that door?
Or are you gonna make me sit here and wait some more?
The air's surrounded by your cologne;
Oh, tell me you're getting close to home.
The moment you're through that door,
I'm gonna rip off all the pretty clothes you wore,
:icon3hoursaway:3HoursAway 69 61
Happy 2006 n Holiday Everyone :iconglasswind:GlassWind 1,680 1,027
Love: The Silent Killer
A powerful emotion.
Appears when you least expect it,
And bind and contricts your heart.
I controls you, Intoxicates you,
Overpowers logic and rationality.
You'd kill for it, die for it,
And sometimes, die to be rid of it.
Love can be good or bad,
For better or for worse.
Love kills, and you let it happen,
My heart now dies, for you.
:icontragic-hero23:Tragic-Hero23 1 3
+Happy New Year+ Jrock Bishie :iconstarrywhitewall:starrywhitewall 46 50 -Myv- :iconfushigimidori:Fushigimidori 1,003 216 Santa? :iconzimmette:Zimmette 1,059 507 Angel :icondestinyblue:DestinyBlue 3,833 372 Night of the Snow Flowers :iconcelesse:celesse 2,702 349 Gundam Seed - gift :iconkurot:kurot 4,194 583 New year Card - Silver girl :icontite-abi:Tite-Abi 1,057 263 DOOM's christmas :iconemptyshadow:EmptyShadow 1,377 758 El Auria :iconsomnambule:somnambule 434 72 Gryffindor Quidditch Team :iconharry-potter-spain:Harry-Potter-Spain 812 100


Hello Graduation

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 30, 2010, 2:40 PM

Hello unemployment

Well, a few days ago, I graduated from my university! WoOt! How awesome is that. I now have a degree in Chinese Studies, and no, I cannot speak Chinese fluently though I have plans of going to China soon so that I can take more classes and immerse myself in the culture and the language. As of now, I'm unemployed but I'm resting a bit before obsessively looking for jobs. I've applied to my brother's school so far and did a couple of interviews and that's been about it. Oh, I'm helping my mom with some writing gigs and she's paying me for my work so at least I have that.

Graduation at my university was a little less exciting than my high school one. We only had one day of practice for ours, as compared to around 2 weeks of practice during my high school graduation. Looking at myself, I still can't imagine that I've already finished university. Then again, I look pretty young, from what a lot of people tell me. I could probably still pass off as a high school student, or maybe even an elementary student if I go to the US or Europe maybe. Oh the advantages and disadvantages of being Asian. :)

Oh wow, my sub is ending again. Lol. I really want to thank my good friend (whom I've never met in real life and only met through deviantart) Khyoon for giving me my sub for the last 3 months. I sort of feel sad and disappointed in myself that I haven't really been updating. In fact, I haven't thought of any real poetic things in a while. T__T Oh no, inspiration, kindly strike me again, even if it's in the middle of the night.

I seriously HAVE TO UPDATE soon. I miss seeing my updated entries on deviantart.

Hopefully, now that I'm not going to school anymore, and with my plans to go to China on hold until I get everything straightened out, I will be able to update even more. There are so many things I need to do and SO MUCH time to do so. Haha.

I need to update my id here. I need to update my fanfiction stories. I need to clean up my room. I need to renew my passport. I need to get my student's permit. I need to learn how to drive. I need to learn how to cook. I need to write more poetry. I need to NOT BUM AROUND.

Yeah, a lot of stuff on my list. :P

Check my featured artists for this journal.. :)

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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
I am mostly a writer and a reader.
I enjoy romance novels, and books that talk about European or Chinese history.
I take photos as a hobby, though I haven't done any real of photography in a while (except with my iphone).
I am very talkative, and my brain is always whizzing about with ideas and thoughts, which mostly keeps me up at night, but is also responsible for a lot of my poetry as this is when inspiration strikes me.

I speak at least 5 languages, 2 of them semi-fluently to fluently, and the rest with varying degrees of conversational fluency.

Currently in: Manila, Philippines
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Medium

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